Software downloads

This page provides quick access to various Coral software. However, if you're just getting started, you should follow the appropriate setup guide for your device.

Mendel Linux link

The following packages include the Mendel system image for the Coral Dev Board. It also includes a recovery.img file, which you can flash to an SD card and recover a board that fails to boot.

For instructions, see how to flash a system image.

Release Package Size SHA-256 checksum
4.0 Day (Nov 2019) 541 MB a21205914e46a75ca5bdc9733260a8b6dc4c001513556fd896089bdcd82b596b
3.0 Chef (Apr 2019) 454 MB df733fd22de156f324a1b5fc3d03251a732ddbbf0e34bd54286d42a2e79246e5
2.0 Beaker (Mar 2019) 1.3 GB 85a1db9a6d251a38f34fabf808b4ad3c35d7ab413318bee1d70de48bde776486

Also see the Mendel release notes.

Edge TPU Debian packages link

All the software tools and libraries you need for your Coral board are available as Debian packages.

You can install and upgrade the packages from the table below using apt-get, but you must first add our package repo to your sources list as follows:

echo "deb coral-edgetpu-stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/coral-edgetpu.list

# This key is pre-installed on the Coral Dev Board
curl | sudo apt-key add -

sudo apt-get update

Then you can install packages from the below table like this:

sudo apt-get install <package_name>
Package nameDescription
edgetpu This is a metapackage that provides both the Edge TPU Compiler (edgetpu-compiler) and the Edge TPU runtime (libedgetpu1-std). We recommend you install this package to ensure that both the compiler and runtime versions are compatible.
edgetpu-compiler The Edge TPU Compiler.
libedgetpu1-std The Edge TPU runtime, at default operating frequency. This is pre-installed on the Dev Board.
libedgetpu1-max The Edge TPU runtime, at maximum operating frequency. This is pre-installed on the Dev Board.
python3-edgetpu The Edge TPU Python API. This is pre-installed on the Dev Board.

python3-coral-enviro The Coral Environmental Board API.

edgetpu-examples Code examples for the Edge TPU Python API. Saved in /usr/share/edgetpu/examples/.

libedgetpu-dev The edgetpu_c.h and edgetpu.h header files for running inference with C++.
gasket-dkms The PCIe driver for the M.2 and Mini PCIe Accelerator.

Edge TPU Python API for Mac and Windows link

The following Python wheels are for the Edge TPU Python API, for Mac and Windows only. (If you're on Linux, you should install this library with the python3-edgetpu Debian package.)

To install on Mac/Windows, run pip3 install and pass it the appropriate Python wheel URL from the following table. For example, if you're on a Mac with Python 3.7, you can install the Edge TPU Python API as follows:

pip3 install
macOS 3.5
Windows 10 3.5

Pre-compiled models link

For demonstration and experimentation purposes, you can download and run one of several pre-compiled models that are compatible with the Edge TPU.

Alternative Linux packages link

These downloads offer an alternative to the above Debian packages when using either the USB, Mini PCIe, or M.2 Accelerator with a Linux system.

Caution: Most users should not install these packages. Instead, you should install the Edge TPU runtime and API library using Debian packages, as described in the setup guides for USB Accelerator and M.2 or Mini PCIe Accelerator. You should use the files below only if attempting to install on a Linux system that's non-Debian, which is not officially supported.
Release Package Size SHA-256 checksum
(Jan 2020)
16.6 MB f98857a43f718d129dd6c1565358a71c8e8008d7947332b488c160c756d5d4ad
9.3 MB e3fe3e7fbec67f831800a37144f694c26b5e845b3104db6a77212420ca322910
(Sep 2019)
2.8 MB 111c1cef3d8079f5ee9ac8c3cd3ec0822f4a784bc8c8aa4a4affe67d3a6b72a4
8.6 MB 7f5d9abfe429f1ae063259198d665690e655b1459eff3c3bfaf19a8fe62d12ae
(Jul 2019)
5.1 MB 6067fcc921423c3dc23e1bc12186e42ff954eada50b44826b2167700b50dc69e
(Apr 2019)
8.3 MB 82324ac028fda707926b756cc97430c8d7f5ffa39940ba74d373de7d9dc90c86
(Mar 2019)
31.8 MB 52e29f89481e935a9ce2beb0bdafc0495a60f74ef89aa220ddd1142e27adb23e